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We are proud to offer Belava's

"The Art of a Safe Pedicure"

"The Art of a Safe Pedicure" featuring a fresh clean environment for every pedicure, with a one-use disposable liner, providing a safe "worry free" spa pedicure.

Relax and enjoy the 3 levels of vibrating massage and 3 levels of soothing heat that keep the water warm. We also utilize many one-use implements and tools to ensure your safety and protection. A meticulous manicure of the feet and toes, wrapped in lush warm towels, and finished with our polish perfection, our spa pedicures have been top rated by our clients.

A foot tub that has not been sufficiently cleaned and/or sanitized is a major concern for the salon and day spa industry, and can cause contamination and infection.

Please call for an appointment to experience this revolutionary service. 

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